Basic EC2 AWS qiime2 install help

I have an AWS EC2 free tier account. I am logged in to US-East. I am going through the tutorial to launch an instance to run qiime 2. The tutorial says to choose an image from this file:

I chose the most recent: ami-482e6430 and did a search under the community AMI tab for
Step 1: Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

My search only gives general results in the AWS marketplace, nothing specific for a qiime image, which is not what I expected based on you tube videos and tutorials. If I launch one of the results from my search (for example, Ubuntu LTS 16.04 with t2,micro), qiime does not seem to be installed.

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Hey there @lulabear!

Did you make it to this step yet?

The AMIs are only available in the 'US West (Oregon)" region.

I suspect you are looking at QIIME 1 videos, since we don't have anything official posted for QIIME 2.

Hope that helps! :t_rex: :qiime2:

Yep - that worked. Thanks!

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