barcode identifiers for data import

I have paired-end demultiplexed Fastq data with filenames in the following format for a single sample.



I believe that I could use the Casava 1.8 paired-end demultiplexed fastq protocol for importing this data. However, in place of barcode sequence/ or a barcode identifier, what I have is S3 in this example.

I had 56 samples in my Illumina MiSeq run and in place of a barcode identifier what I have is S1 ā€“ S56 from sample #1- sample #56.
Are these S1- S56 series considered as barcode identifiers for their respective samples? I was expecting an i5 or i7 combination here. Please let me know.

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Hello @lakshmi.anarayanan!

Looks like it to me, too!

Yep, look like it to me!

Keep us posted! :qiime2: :t_rex:

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Thank you, Matthew! The sequences could be imported successfully. So looks like Iā€™m in the right track.

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