Average Taxa Barplots

Taxonomy Abundance Bar-chart.

I am looking to create taxonomic barplots comparing the average taxonomic assignment of different categories eg. Male v Female, age categories, etc.

I have run the command:
qiime taxa barplot --i-table table-dada2.qza
–m-metadata-file metadata-file.txt
–o-visualization taxa-bar-plots.dada2.qzv

I then am able to visualise the barplot using:
qiime tools view taxa-bar-plots.dada2.qzv

I have 208 samples and I get a barplot containing 208 bars. I can group these bars by age or sex but am aiming to create a bar plot of the average of male and average of female (ie 2 bars).

I was looking to extract the file containing the relative abundance data so I could manipulate it and make some new plots in r.

I tried to convert the .qzv file into a .zip file and extract it but it didn’t seem to work. I followed the methodologies previously posted here but it doesn’t seem to work as I get a file of random numbers and characters out: How to convert .qzv file to .csv or .txt

QIIME 1 used to output these files as .biom or .txt files containing the OTU assignment and relative abundance for each sample. I am now using dada2 and ASVs in qiime2.

Maybe ASVs and OTUs are in the file differently?

Does anyone have any suggestion about whether this is the correct approach or whether I am missing something?


Use qiime feature-table group to group samples by a sample metadata category (sex). Then run barplot and you will have 2 columns displaying the average relative abundance across both groups.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, that seems to have worked. Just need to work out how to extract the .csv files now.
Thank you!

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The barplot visualization has a “download as CSV” (or maybe TSV) option in the top-left corner.

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Thanks - working now, was a problem with the computer before which is why they weren’t extracting.

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