Any plans to implement Q1 equivalent of "Observation Metadata Correlation"?

Perhaps I’m missing something, but I don’t currently see a plugin that correlates continuous metadata with features. Thanks!

Hi @vrbana,
No, not currently — please see this thread. Please respond on that thread if you have a particular use case that can only be satisfied by such a method (and not, e.g., q2-gneiss), as described in that post.

I hope that helps!

Thanks, I definitely agree with those points for microbiome data in general and understand why it wasn’t included, I just have a weird niche dataset (a tissue that basically has no bacteria unless perturbed by a pathogen which allows a few other bacteria to colonize) that it might actually be appropriate for. I’ll just use methods outside of qiime.

It should be straightforward to export your feature table to use that command in QIIME1, or another appropriate test in R.

Good luck!