ANCOM volcano plot doesn't show taxonomy labels

Dear all,

I have a problem with my ANCOM plot.. it doesn't show the taxonomy labels when I hover over the points on the plot, it only shows the clr and W values:

I don't know what is wrong, because the "ANCOM statistical results" below the plot show the correct taxonomy name.

I'm using qiime2-2019.10.

I'd truly appreciate your help.
Thank you so much once again!

Hi! That's strange.
I am using 2020.2


Will wait here for the explanation


Thanks @timanix. This was a bug, but it was addressed in 2020.2 -

@fgara - upgrade to 2020.2 and re-run the last command to regenerate the viz - it should work as expected. Thanks!


Hi @timanix and @thermokarst,

Thank you both for your kind and extremely quick replies!

Ah I see… Ok I will upgrade to 2020.2.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh, in regards to upgrading, I saw on this Github page:

The easiest way to update is to just install the newest version in a new conda environment by following the normal install instructions.

Is this still true for version 2020.2?

Thank you again!

Yes, it is still true.
You will have two environments. You can delete or keep the old one for a while

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Please see for the “official” docs.

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Quick update: upgrading to QIIME2 version 2020.2 solved it!

Thanks all :slight_smile:


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