ANCOM result interpretation?


I'm new to the forum and trying to figure out a few things regarding abundance testing. I have 2 groups (test and control n=8, n=7 respectively) and I see significant differences between the 2 groups in terms of alpha and beta diversity analysis as well (Unweighted p-value 0.003, weighted p-value 0.024 with PERMANOVA) with separation on the emperor plots. My problem is when I try to use ANCOM to look at the differential abundance, I don't get any significant results. I tried filtering at different parameters as well but that didn't work either. When I tried the differential abundance test at a specific taxonomic level, it gives me 2 families with W score of 18,19. Another differential abundance method I tried using was q2dsfdr which gave me multiple taxa that were different but since it only gives out the p-values I can't ascertain which group the taxa belongs to.
So, I have a few questions regarding the differential abundance testing:

  1. Is it possible that although my alpha and beta diversity are significantly different among groups, I just don't have enough power to use ANCOM to actually pin point which specific groups are different ?
  2. Can I consider the results given by ANCOM specific taxonomic level analysis to be valid?
  3. Are the results from q2 dsfdr valid and if so how can they be processed for me to actually find out which group the different taxa belong to? **Also, I tried using q2dbbact as well but didn't get any results from that either.
    I'm not sure what is actually going on with my data but I would really appreciate some help. Also, if there are any other differential abundance testing methods I can use.