ancom interpretation significance


I have results from my ANCOM analysis which tests the difference between 2 rooms.
2 families show to be significant, which have a really high W-score compared to all other species. To me these species almost feel like outliers. However, there are also some species which also have a quite high W-score compared to the others (e.g. W=40). However, these are not mentioned below. So I assume these are differential abundant between the rooms, but this is not significant?

Please help me interpret my results.
level5-ancom-room.qzv (435.5 KB)

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Hello again, Anke!

Check out Jamie's summary of how ancom works

That's discussed here!

We try to be as helpful as possible on the forums, but leading the analysis is up to you. Once you dig a little deeper, let me know if you have more questions or want to confirm you are understanding this right.


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