Analyze my QIIME results with Rstudio

Hi all, I am new to the topic of microbiome analysis and using QIIME. Use Qiime to perform the Taxonomic Bar Plots and the alpha and beta diversity indices. I would like to know what file I can use in Rstudio to be able to replicate the graphics that I obtained in qiime. Should I use the qza file? Or should I convert the qza file to a specific format? I need graphics that can be used in my article.

I Appreciate your help.


Hello @KatherinePena,

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Qiime2 and RStudio are pretty different pieces of software, but they work well together!

I would start here:

That's a great way to get .qza files from Qiime2 into R, and then you can use the R packages you like best.

:qiime2: -> :sparkles: R :bar_chart: :sparkles:


Hi @colinbrislawn Thank you so much for your reply.

I will try the tutorial you recommend.

I hope I can get the desired results.