Alpha rarefaction plotting issue


When viewing my alpha-rarefaction.qzv using qiime diversity alpha-rarefaction, it seems more than half of my samples under my Sample Metadata Column "Sample_Name," don't show up in the legend (even after setting --p-max-depth to something as low as 52). Looking at my "Frequency per Sample" from my table.qzv, I know they should be there. However, when I move to a different Sample Metadata Column like "Species," it seems like the missing data is there. Could something be wrong in the my metadata file? I've attached my alpha-rarefaction.qzv and metadata file just in case.

alpha-rarefaction-depth0.qzv (823.9 KB)

Taiwan-Mapping-File.txt.txt (26.3 KB)

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Hey there @Alan_Chan - looks like you found a bug! :bug:

Thanks for sharing your viz - the samples are all there, they just aren't visible in the rendered plot, due to a misconfigured html element (open issue here):

I don't have a good workaround for you - I'm sorry! The best I have is this workaround, in Firefox:

Right click on the legend and select "Inspect element". A new window will load in your browser with info about the document. Scroll to this line:

Remove the text overflow-y: hidden from the style attr:

Now you can close this new window - you should be able to scroll the legend up and down.

Sorry, stay tuned for a fix! :qiime2:


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