Alpha Rarefaction Plot legend issue

I'm having an issue with the Alpha Rarefaction QZV. I've generated it properly, as far as I know, but the legend cuts off after 43/280 samples, which limits the effectiveness of this plot as far as reviewing rarefaction curves on a sample by sample basis.

My command was qiime diversity alpha-rarefaction --i-table table.qza --i-phylogeny rooted-tree.qza --p-max-depth 311348 --p-steps 100 --m-metadata-file metadata_LSU_qiime2_2017_no_blanks_no_0.tsv --o-visualization 1-alpha-rarefaction.qzv
Has anyone else seen this issue happen/have a solution?

Hey there @prayle1!

Check out this post (and the rest of that topic while you're at it):

Thank you very much.

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