Alpha group significance

I’m trying to run alpha group significance. I’ve started my analysis in Qiita and am moving it to do this analysis in Qiime2. I was wondering where I can find the SampleData[AlphaDiversity] artifact in Qiita or how I can make it in Qiime2. When I run alpha diversity in Qiita I am given a .tsv file but when I tried using this file in the command for --i-alpha-diversity it gives me an error saying this isn’t a Qiime2 artifact. Thanks!

Hi @Stephanieorch,

You are downloading the right file, at least from the description, however, you need to convert any file you download to a qza using the import command and making sure you pick the correct semantic type. In this case: SampleData[AlphaDiversity].

Hope this helps.

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