alpha-group-significance metadata does not contain any columns that satisfy this visualizer’s requirements

thanks for your support and kindness, the problem was solved by downloading the files directly from browser.
I’m trying Performing statistical tests on diversity and generating interactive visualizations in qiime2 and I used this command:
qiime diversity alpha-group-significance
–i-alpha-diversity child-norep-core-metrics-results/shannon_vector.qza
–m-metadata-file metadata.tsv
–o-visualization child-norep-core-metrics-results/shannon-group-significance.qzv
I have encounter with Plugin error from diversity by this answer:
Metadata does not contain any columns that satisfy this visualizer’s requirements. There must be at least one metadata column that contains categorical data, isn’t empty, doesn’t consist of unique values, and doesn’t consist of exactly one value.
Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-hxsbomc2.log
can you please help me with this?

Hi! That’s mean that plugin is trying to perform the comparison between your samples by grouping them according available categorical columns, that should be …

The error says that your metadata file do not contain such columns. You need to add columns that satisfy above mentioned requirements. It can be treatment, source of samples, body site or whatever to which parameter you would like to compare your data

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