All archaea after running feature classifier using silva 132 database

Hello, I have a trouble with feature classifier with silva 132 database in qiime2 2018.8.
First, I followed this tutorial to create classifier from Silva 132 database for 16S gene.
I ran into this thread and found this post to reduce the --p-classify--chunk-size.
I am reducing the --p-classify--chunk-size from 20000 into 10000 but still give MemoryError, then I am reducing the chunk-size into 5000 and the command give classifier.qza results.

Using the results, I am creating the taxonomy file using this plugin qiime feature-classifier classify-sklearn, but the results only shows Archaea.
Can any body give suggestion?

Hi @Setiawan ,
This is an issue with the sequences you are using to train the classifier and has been discussed elsewhere on the forum. See this post (and the rest of the thread) for a diagnosis and how to fix:

Good luck!

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Thank you, it solves the problem.

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