Align and mask sequences before fragment-insertion?

I am trying to build a tree via SEPP for further analyses after denoising sequences via DADA2, but the flowchart of sequence alignment and phylogeny building in the QIIME2 tutorial confused me a little bit. It seems like the input file for q2-fragment-insertion plugin is of type FeatureData[AlignedSequence]; however, it turns out that the plugin only accept FeatureData[Sequence] files.

The following are my scripts:

from qiime2.plugins.alignment.methods import mafft, mask
from qiime2.plugins.fragment_insertion.methods import sepp

‘’‘here dada2_sequences is of type FeatureData[Sequence] after DADA2 process pipeline’’’
mafft_alignment = mafft(dada2_sequences) # Multiple sequence alignment

masked_mafft_alignment = mask(mafft_alignment.alignment) # Masking sites

frag_insertion = sepp(representative_sequences = masked_mafft_alignment.masked_alignment, threads = 16) # fragment insertion

and I got a error message like this:

TypeError: Argument to parameter ‘representative_sequences’ is not a subtype of FeatureData[Sequence].

I also checked the github for q2-fragment-insertion. In his example, data of type FeatureData[Sequence] was used instead of FeatureData[AlignedSequence]. And this works perfectly for me, too. The scripts looks like this:

frag_insertion = sepp(representative_sequences = dada2_sequences, threads = 16) # fragment insertion

Obviously it is unnecessary to align and mask sequences before fragment insertion (since it raised a type error :joy:). Does it make any difference with or without alignment before conducting fragment insertion? Any comment/clarification/explanation would be appreciated!! Thanks.

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Thanks for reporting this @jwchen! It looks like that is an error in the flowchart. You are correct — sepp should take unaligned sequences (FeatureData[Sequence]) as input. We will have that error fixed in the next release of the QIIME 2 docs.

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