Adonis in QIIME2?

Dear All,

I need to run adonis for my data. May I know is QIIME2 implemented with Adonis now or it has not available in QIIME2 yet? If so, is R my only option? Any other option I have? Please advice.


Hi @Clara,

You can find the anosim option within the beta-group-significance plugin. You have the option of selecting permanova or anosim.

Thanks, but anoism and adonis are two different analysis right? If not mistaken adonis is similar to permanova, but adonis is more robust right?

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Hi @Clara,

Oops, sorry about that, I guess I read that wrong! You are right that they are different test, I also thought maybe that the permanova option would call in the adonis function from vegan but turns out that’s not the case either (I learned something too!).
Looks like this option is not currently available in qiime2 but is on the radar to be implemented sometime down the future: issuetracker. Depending on what question you are asking you may be able to use permanova/anosim tests, but if you need specifically the adonis function, I’d say using R’s vegan package is your best best.


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