Adding taxonomy to the rep-seqs.qza file

Happy Sunday Team QIIME,

I was wondering if we can add the taxonomy to the rep-seqs.qza? what we currently have in the rep-seqs is the OTU/Feature ID and the sequence. We have got the taxa in the taxonomy file.
This can be done in the excel though, but I need to generate phylogenetic tree with the taxonomy instead of OTU ID as label.

Is there any way out in QIIME2?

I hope I am able to make my point.
Thank you.


I am afraid, there is no “legal” way to do it in Qiime2.
But, if you really need it, after taxonomy assignment you can modify taxonomy.qza, table.qza and rep-seq.qza files by adding taxonomy information to original hashes (not replacing!) and construct a tree after it.
To do it, you will need to write a custom script.

Hi! @SciCatalyst

This command lets you generate what you want but in a .qzv artifact

qiime metadata tabulate
–m-input-file taxonomy.qza
–m-input-file rep-seqs.qza
–o-visualization merged-table.qzv


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