About the Translations category

This category contains translations of the QIIME 2 documentation in different languages, developed and contributed by members of the QIIME 2 user community. The translated documentation should be considered supplemental to the primary documentation at https://docs.qiime2.org. If the translated documentation is popular, we may eventually work towards including it at https://docs.qiime2.org.

Notes for readers of translated documentation
Since the translated documentation is not created by the QIIME 2 developers, we cannot make guarantees about its quality. If you are experiencing issues using the translated documentation in a topic, please post a reply on that topic to point out the issue. You can also refer to the primary QIIME 2 documentation at https://docs.qiime2.org.

You should always confirm that the translated documentation that you’re reading describes the version of QIIME that you’re using.

Notes for contributors of translated documentation
The QIIME 2 documentation is changing fairly rapidly. For your translations to be useful to users, you should attempt to keep it current. You can monitor changes to the QIIME 2 documentation by Watching the QIIME 2 documentation source repository.

Please include the QIIME 2 version number that your translated documentation covers in the title of your topic.

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