a doubt about the quality plot

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I'm running version 2021.2 on VirtualBox.
I just used the vsearch join-pairs plugin on paired end reads. In the quality plot, can the area indicated with the circle, with the highest score, represent the overlap region?

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Your intuition that this region represents the overlap is correct. There is a previous discussion about this topic here. Mentioned in the preceding thread is this article from Bioinformatics that provides a more rigorous treatment of the subject.


@Keegan-Evans, thank you very much, and sorry for the silly question, but I did a quick search on the forum and couldn’t find anything about it. I was worried it might be something weird from the sequencing.

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@Andre_Pegoraro thanks for doing a search first! That said, there are a lot of posts to try to dig through and we are happy to point you in the right direction. The forum is a great place to reach out and make sure your assumptions are correct, we are all here to make sure great quality is getting done :grinning:

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