2017.9 Release Discussion

This is a general-purpose topic for developers to discuss the upcoming 2017.9 release. Through the end of 2017, QIIME 2 will have monthly releases and we will use forum topics to coordinate them.

Info about this release

Weekly developer meeting

This topic will also be where we post the link to our weekly dev call:

Meeting date/time: Every Friday at 8pm-9pm UTC +0000.

Note: Meeting times are reported in UTC. Therefore, your local meeting time may shift depending on your timezone’s observance of daylight savings time.

Note: In the event that this meeting must be cancelled, an announcement will be posted on this thread by Thursday, 11pm UTC +0000 at the latest.


A couple of topics for 09/08/17 meeting:

  • How to add code/features to visualizations so they can be used to trigger an action. This came up as a really nice to have for Qiita but it can also be nice for Q2 non CLI interfaces. Imagine that you see your table summary and you decide that 1000 sequences per sample is the way to go so you simply click on a link and it takes you to the core diversity analysis or whatever other page the dev decides to go. This same feature can be used with other plots …
  • The best place (plugin) for a sample to healthy plane code. Discussing with @Nicholas_Bokulich and @yoshiki we thought that perhaps diversity or longitudinal.

QIIME 2 Weekly Developer Meeting 2017.09.08

Youtube public viewing link: http://youtu.be/YTE6sdModfo

QIIME 2 Weekly Developer Meeting 2017.09.15

Youtube public viewing link: http://youtu.be/zpD9hCNIUYI

There will be no QIIME 2 Weekly Developer Meeting on 2017.09.22 - we’ll follow up here with any important updates for the week.

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