zsh: command not found: convert_fastaqual_fastq.py error help (qiime1 error)


I am trying to merge fasta and qual files into fastq files using a script from qiime.org. I keep getting this error, anyone have any idea what it could be?


Hi @kellenbiesbrock,
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The error you are posting is from Qiime1, and not at all something related to Qiime2. The error itself is suggesting that it failed to locate the convert_fastaqual_fastq.py command. Either because it is not installed or it is not found in your current path. You might have a much better chance of recruiting help (or even search through existing similar issues) on the Qiime1 forum, though do keep in mind that the Qiime1 forum is no longer officially moderated but users are still active there somehow!

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