Why are not confidence interval values exported to the rarefaction table?

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Does anyone know why the rarefaction format table (CSV) is not exported with its respective trust values, or from where can I get that data that is generated by the program every time a randomization occurs?

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Hi @Nasute,

That’s not exactly a confidence interval, rather it is a (very tiny) boxplot, so the columns in the CSV (depth-X_iter-Y) indicate the values that are used to generate the boxplot. So for each depth X, there will be Y values which are used (default is 10, but both X and Y are configurable).

For actual confidence intervals on alpha diversity, you can check out the q2-breakaway plugin, although it expects singletons to be possible, so your upstream processing may not allow that (default usage of DADA2 for example).

Hope that helps!

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Hello @ebolyen

Thank you very much for your answer, do you want to say then that if I choose to use the Deblur option instead of DADA2, I agree to use the q2-breakaway 1 plugin?

Yep! Deblur allows singletons through if it has enough evidence to believe them, and it seems to be enough for q2-breakaway to choose different models per-sample as appropriate.

To view the confidence intervals you can either metadata tabulate the resulting SampleData[AlphaDiversity] or just export the contents. You must not use feature-table rarefy or the output of core-metrics-* as that will rarefy your table, which breakaway is designed to avoid entirely.

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