Which feature table to use after applying the fragment insertion tree method?

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I’m trying to get familiar with the q2-fragment-insertion plugin.
In the tutorial, it says that, after using it, we have to filter the input feature-table down to fragments included in the phylogeny.
So, from this point forward, I should only use the filtered_table.qza and insertion-tree.qza for all downstream analyses, including alpha and beta diversity analysis and to make the taxa bar plots? Would this be correct?

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Hi @fstudart,

Yes, you need the features in your tree to match the features in your table and your taxonomy file. Specifically, each row in your feature table (ASV or OTU) must have a corresponding tip in the tree and taxonomic name. However, not every tip must have a feature. …Not sure if that makes sense.
But, yes, you do need the paired set for all downstream analyses.

Do you have a reason to believe that the features from your table weren’t included in the tree building?


Hi Justine,

Thanks very much for your feedback. No specific reason. Just curious.


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