Where to start for building data taxonomy and architecture

Hello everyone!
I m starting to build a data taxonomy and architecture for a project. There are various data in multiple platforms.
I would like to ask
Where should I start? Doing what?
Would you be able to share your strategy to build data taxonomy and architecture
I appreciate if you can recommend Any material, resources, examples even training resources (videos or white paper etc.)
Thank you all


Welcome to the forum :confetti_ball: What is your end goal here? Are you running analysis or building a plugin? It felt like this was an analysis related question so I moved the post over to the "User Support" section. I may have misunderstood your question, if that is the case let me know and I will move it back.

I think these doc pages might answer your architecture questions: Plugin Workflows and QIIME 2 for Experienced Researchers. You also might want to check out some of the videos from our workshops 2022, 2021. The lecture videos are mostly the same between years, but the tutorials have some differences/use two different interfaces.

In regards to making your taxonomy, first off we have several prebuilt taxonomies available. These tend to work pretty well, though an environment specific weighted taxonomy nearly always produces somewhat better results. That said, generic prebuilt ones are often "good enough" and a lot less work. If you do want to build your own, check out this tutorial!