when have no barcode files


I have 16s rRNA sequencing data for colon tissue.
Paired-end seq for each individual, forward and reverse fastq, but I have no barcode files.
In this case, can I skip the demux step and start from the denoising step?
However, in the tutorial, there was a barcode file, so I could create a .qza file.
I wonder how to create barcode file??

Also, I want to grouping the samples into groups and compare them each group.
In this case, can I combine and analyze the fastq files?
Or, is it necessary to run qiime for each sample and then combine the final feature table?

my qiime2 ver : 2020.06

Thank you very much

Hi @hi9739,

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It sounds like your data is already demultiplexed. That's easy to work with. I recommend the manifest format, it tends to be quite flexible.


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