Visualizing all sequences of a certain feature

How can I visualize all fasta sequences that were assigned a feature? For example, I have a table showing all the features and their respective frequencies. I can visualize the representative sequence of that feature, but how can I visualize all the sequences. The table attached here

shows the first feature has a frequency of 34,472. I want to see all those 34,472 fasta sequences, not only its representative. Thank you!

Those 34,472 sequences are all replicates. If you used OTU clustering and want to see what raw sequences map to those representative sequences you will need to do that outside of QIIME 2 — QIIME 2 does not output an OTU clustering map.

Is that what you are looking for?

Hey Nicholas, thank you for your answer.
Exactly, I want to see the raw sequences mapped to those rep-seqs, but they were processed when I passed Deblur which resulted in the rep-seqs and their counts. Deblur uses ASVs for clustering and the outputs are only the rep-seqs and a table showing their counts. I guess I will have to do the clustering with another method? Any idea how I could use Qiime2 results to see those sequences?

There is no way to get that information from q2-deblur. You could try running deblur outside of QIIME 2 — there may be an option to output the sort of file you are looking for but I do not know and you should contact the deblur developers for help.

Ok, thank you for your attention, though

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