Visualize txt or excel files in qiime2

Hi communitty,
I made a 16S metagenomic analysis of my samples and my partner sent me a just the outcomes in a txt. file. I converted this txt. file to an excel document, and here there are OTUs and the name of my samples. Also, there is a percentage that it might be related to frequency, I think. So, I would like to know if I can to use Qiime2 to visualize this data (txt or excel) in graphics. Is possible? If so, What I need to do? Thank so much.
Luis Felipe.

Hi @LuisFelipe,

To visualize your data in QIIME, you’ll need to import the txt file. Have you looked at the information for converting txt tables to biom and importing biom tables into QIIME 2?

However, I also want to generally recommend that you talk to your partner about how and where the OTU table was generated. Additionally, you will need a table of counts at various points throughout QIIME-based analysis, so it may be good to discuss that with them as well.


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