Verification-diversity outputs


I just want to verify something. I calculated simpson diversity in qiime2 and then exported the results to R. I wanted to makes sure, that in fact, this metric is calculated on the rarefied table.


Hi @Fabs!
Once the data are exported/in R, there is no way to verify. However, if you remember which artifact you exported, you can just check out the artifact provenance! Open in and click on the provenance tab to see all commands and artifacts that were used to generate that artifact in :qiime2: , starting with the imported data.

You can use that to make sure you used subsample to subsample your feature table at even depth.

I hope that helps!

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That’s a handy tool.

Fortunately, I do remember which artifacts I used, since I remember we entered a rarefying depth in core-metrics, I decided to calculate simpson diversity the same way (on a rarefied table). I just wanted to make sure that, that is in
fact the correct way of doing the calculation.

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yes, as long as you used subsample then your table is rarefied at even depth!

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