using qiime2 without java


is it possible to use qiime2 without java? And if yes, how can i uninstall it without uninstalling the whole qiime2 environment?

I’ve installed Qiime2 version 2019.1 via conda.

Thank you very much!

Hello Franzi,

Good news! Qiime 2 is built in python, so it does not need java to run.
(Some Qiime 2 plug-ins might need other languages like C++, Java, and R, but Qiime itself needs only python.)

May I ask why you don’t want Java installed on your system?


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Hi Colin,

thank you very much for the reply.

At the moment I am not sure wether to deinstall Java due to the announcement that Oracle will charge for Java from May 2019. Do you know any alternatives to avoid this problem?
Good to know that Qiime2 itself does not need Java!

Best regards,

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I don’t think this is representative of the whole story — Oracle is going to stop providing public updates for Oracle JDK 8, but they will continue to provide updates to that platform for commercial license holders. As I understand it, JDK 9 (the latest) is unaffected by this — public updates will continue to be issued to all non-commercial users. I think basically they just don’t want to support old Java releases for free.

More details here:

In particular (but keep in mind, I am not a lawyer):

The new license permits certain uses, such as personal use and development use, at no cost

Use an alternative like openjdk, or use the latest oracle java, if possible.



thanks a lot for your detailed answer.
I will just try the latest JDK9 release.

Best regards,

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