Using qiime2 manifest file

Hello everybody.

I have to use manifest file in order to import .fastq files and create an artifact and do the classical qiime2 pipeline for paired end sequencing data.

I am stuck because I have read the importing data tutorial but is not clear. How I am suppose to use the manifest file?
Should the manifest file be in the same folder with the .fastq data or in another folder?
Should the manifest file have an ".tsv" extension or without it?

Can someone give me some help?

Thank you so much!

Hi @sleva88,
Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this step. This is often the most complicated one for users, so you're not alone and we're working on approaches to make this simpler.

Typically the manifest would be in a different folder than the fastq files, and I usually put a .tsv extension on it, but that is not required. Are there other specific questions you have about this?

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