Using FeatureTable [RelativeFrequency] for Indval Test.

Hi Colin,
Another question I have is that if I want to run an indval test (indicator value test from labdsv package in R) or create a heatmap of taxa with higher abundance, I would want to use the relative abundance table right?

My thought is to use
qiime feature-table relative-frequency
--i-table table-L6.qza
--o-relative-frequency-table relative.table.genus.qza

to convert the absolute abundance to relative abundance and then go from here.

Also, do you have any recommendation on which package I should use for creating a heatmap for the top 10 or 25 taxa with the highest relative abundance?

Thank you so much for your help.

If you need a relative abundance table, that is is how you would go about creating it! I honestly am not that familiar with the indicator value functionality, so it may be up to someone else to step in to provide a bit better insight on that.

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