Use "metadata tabulate" to visualize a feature table?

Hi All,

In the tutorial "Metadata in QIIME 2", I see that we can visualize the FeatureData[Sequence] with the help of metadata plugin. So I am curious whether this method can also be applied to a feature table since it conveniently provides us several options to output an Excel-friendly file, and collaborators usually expect a .xlsx or .csv file for the OTU table.

I tried:

Here the "table.qza" is the file created by the "Moving Pictures" tutorial.

As you can see, it shows me an error message. So I was wondering is it possible to transform a feature table to an Excel-friendly file using the metadata plugin?

Thank you!

Hi @hulfred,
It sounds like you want to export your feature table. That will generate a biom table, which can then be converted to TSV via the command biom convert --to-tsv -i feature-table.biom -o feature-table.tsv (see for more details on working with biom tables).

I hope that helps!


Thanks for your reply!


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