Updating R package to latest version in Qiime2 virtual machine

I am unable to update the R version in the qiime2 virtual machine. Currently I am running R 3.3 and would like to upgrade to 3.4. Tried everything but couldn’t succeed. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @sourav! Unfortunately, R 3.3 is a requirement for QIIME 2 right now, which is why we ship with that version. You could always create a new conda environment and install a newer version of R there, if you wish:

# this first one is to unload the environment loaded by default in the VirtualBox builds
$ source deactivate
$ conda create -n my-r-3.4-env
$ source activate my-r-3.4-env
$ conda install r

You could also run a different VirtualBox VM and install R there, too (the VM doesn’t have to be the QIIME 2 VM!).

Hope that helps!

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Thank you, it helps enormously!

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