Unable to download data from bar-plots


After generating the “taxa-bar-plots.qzv” file with QIIME2 and visualizing it with “qiime tools view”, I would like to download a table containing absolute counts of taxa for each sample.

I tried to click on the “CSV” link, but nothing gets download; instead, another web page opens up with the list of all taxa and numbers.

Could you please let me know if there is an issue or if I seem to be doing something wrong? I would really appreciate your help!

Many thanks,


Hey @Kat!

This is a tricky one — different browsers handle this in different ways. Technically it has “downloaded” for you, its just that your browser is opening the downloaded file into a new tab, instead of putting it somewhere like your Downloads folder or Desktop. You should be able to do something like “File” -> “Save” in that new tab to save the file. Another option is to select all of the content in that tab, copy, and then paste into a text editor or Excel. Good luck! :t_rex:

Hey Matthew,

Thank you very much for your fast answer! Although I didn’t manage to save the file in a practical way by clicking “File”->“Save”, downloading the .csv file worked well once I changed my browser (from Firefox to Chrome). This was a helpful hint!



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