Tutorial figure usage

I am a federal scientist and would like to include a figure from the qiime2.org tutorial in a report that will be published on a public website. Specifically I would like to use the “Conceptual overview of QIIME 2” figure to explain data analysis.

Is it permissible to use this image with appropriate citation? I did not see a CC licence for material on the site and so wanted to request explicit permission before using any images or material.

Apologies if this is off topic or not posted in the appropriate forum.

Thank you
Yale Passamaneck


Hi @yalepass,
Thanks for your question!

That tutorial is BSD-3 licensed (as far as I am aware) so you are welcome to use that figure as long as you cite it appropriately. If you use this figure anywhere, please cite the paper listed here and, if appropriate, list the URL to the tutorial you are copying it from.


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Thank you very much for you reply! I will cite the publication and list the URL.


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