I’m trying to import some data into qiime2 using this command:

qiime tools import --type ‘FeatureData[Taxonomy]’ --input-path Seed-ITS_taxa.csv --output-path taxonomy.qza

but I get this error:
There was a problem importing Seed-ITS_taxa.csv:

Seed-ITS_taxa.csv is not a(n) TSVTaxonomyFormat file

the data I’m importing are comma separated values which obviously is not the right format. Is there an example of a correctly formatted input file?

Hi @Michael_Thon,
This should be a tab-delimited format. For most file types, you can just check out how these are being imported in the QIIME 2 tutorials, and/or export QZAs in those tutorials to see what’s inside. Here’s an example for taxonomy TSV format files:

Good luck!

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