troubleshooting outdated .fna import

Hello all,

I am attempting to import a .fna file into qiime2 using the 'FeatureData[Sequence]' type, and received the error code

"There was a problem importing cfdat.fna:

cfdat.fna is not a(n) QIIME1DemuxFormat file"

I have checked though the information found at the importing data page, checked the forum for guidance, and am concerned with my import options from here.

I am new to both qiime2 and working with FASTA files. The .fna file shared with me is technically all one line (when I call the "head" of the file in command line, the whole file prints), and I have additional information in what should be my header from what I'm seeing in forum posts and tutorials. If my file were broken up into multiple lines, it would look like this:

GNS******** rank=******* x=******* y=****** length=***

I do know that the file given to me is from several years ago and I'm wondering if there is anybody who knows whether this is going to be supported as a FASTA file at all or if I need to figure out a workaround.

You may want to adapt the file to fasta format, your example looks like it is missing the ">" in the header.
does the file only one sequence or is that just your example?
It would also help to post the whole command you tried to run.

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Thank you for the feedback; my file isn't able to be posted here, so I used a single dummy observation as an example. I was also able to contact my lab and get things sorted out on this end; I'll be using separate demultiplexed files under FeatureData[Sequence] again and hope that works.

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