Troubles with QIIME2 installation on linux

Hi, I’m very new with Qiime2, but I can’t install Qiime2-2018.2 following the instructions to install QIIME2 natively for Linux 64 (64-bit) . I'm getting the following error during the installation test. I have tried several times and met the same errors. I'd appreciate to any lead to overconme this. Thank you very much. I’m going to try again.

Hi @ncudq,

It looks like either your connection is very unstable or your computer's SSL/TSL CA-certificates are too old to verify that the endpoint is who they say they are.

Since you are getting a good chunk of the packages down, I think it's the former and your connection is very unstable.

Are you able to change your internet connection to something else? Also, it's possible at this point things will be a little funky in your conda cache, so if you run into more issues (during installation), you can run the following to reset everything:

conda clean --all

Let me know if that helps!

OK, Thank you very much! I will try again according to your suggestion.

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