Total Relative Abundance

Dear QIIME2 Experts,

I would like to know if I QIIME2 (like QIIME1’s taxonomy plots) can reveal the total relative abundance of the taxa (at user specified taxonomic levels); so that one could say, for example, Firmicutes and Actinobacteria were the most abundant phyla (relative abundance: 55.6% and 30.3%, respectively). In QIIME1’s taxonomy plots, this information can be got from the plots themselves (by mousing over on the plots or visualizing the taxonomy table).

In QIIME 2’s barplots, you can also obtain this information by mousing over. E.g., see the barplot example here.

@Nicholas_Bokulich thanks for your reply. The information I am looking for in QIIME2 would be like the one found here in the column labelled total (where you have count and %).

so use qiime taxa collapse and then qiime feature-table relative-frequency to convert to a relative frequency table. See the help documentation for more details.

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