To dereplicate and not to dereplicate (16s sequencing DNA data)

Dear all,

Hello, I have a question arise from the vsearch dereplicate.

For an example, I have 10 groups of reads. What if I go through further analysis instead of dereplicating procedure (skipped dereplicating step).

Thank you for your reply.


Hi @angelrica_kuan!

Most downstream analyses require you to have multiple samples (really any dataset with less than 2 samples is going to be very limited) - so I encourage you to run q2-vsearch's dereplicate-sequences action! As well, you'll need at least a feature table for most downstream steps, so that's another reason to not skip this step.



Hi @thermokarst

Noted. Thank you very much !!

Its really helpful !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Angelrica Lee

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