The problem about alpha diversity

Hi there
its me again
at this time, after finish all the instructions,i just found that i couldn’t look at the data of alpha diversity, such as chao and shannon et al. So i continue to follow the guide
and outputs chao1 alpha-diversity,but i have no ideal how to visulaization this data.
thanks for your help!
I am more and more proficient in the use of qiime2

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You can check visualizers here:
For example, this one to compare different grops of samples:
Or to check correlations with some metadata columns:
If you have several time-points, you also can check this one:

Also, inside of .qzv and .qza files you can find all the data and, if necessary, you always can visualize it outside of Qiime2

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Hi @Doc.chen,

The tutorials have some examples of how to use it. Perhaps the PD mice tutorial can help show some options.


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