The currently installed framework cannot interpret archive version '6'.

Hi ,

I used qiime2-amplicon-2023.9 to import>biom generation. However, there are issues with running these files with older versions of qiime that contain the plugins I want to use that are currently unsupported in the newer versions of qiime. The only option I see is that I rerun everything with an older version, which is a waste of compute, is there a work-around, or something I can edit in the files to make the newer outputs compatible with older qiime versions?


Welcome to the forums, Carolina! :qiime2:

Are you willing to share the specifics about the incompatible plugin? Some things may be possible to export & re-import to address technical compatibility issues, but it depends on the plugin and why it's no longer supported in 2023.9

Thank you for the additional information. I hope we can help!

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