Taxa.qza file not generated after running qiime gneiss correlation-clustering \

I was using qiime gneiss in qiime version qiime-2018.11. When running the command qiime gneiss correlation-clustering \ , the gneiss tutorial in qiime2 docs is showing three outputs mainly table.qza, taxa.qza and hierarchy.qza . When the following command was ran on my data I only received hierarchy.qza as output. I didn’t obtained taxa.qza as output. Since this file is required for the next step qiime gneiss balance-taxonomy \ , I am actually stuck at this point. Since in moving pictures tutorial there is no step describing to create taxa.qza file. From the qiime topic mentioned Gneiss add-pseudocount: no taxa.qza generated I came to know that taxonomy.qza and taxa.qza files are different. Even I tried to look at the provenance of the taxa.qza provided in the tutorial but there is nothing mentioned regarding how to track when the file was made or how it was made. Kindly help me in this problem. Thank you for your time to read this post.

Hi @sreesankar,

Not exactly sure where the confusion is coming from, you just need a FeatureData[Taxonomy] input. The moving pictures tutorial and the gneiss tutorial have different datasets, which would explain why they have different provenance.

I’d check out the moving pictures tutorial here on how to generate the taxonomy.