taxa filter table output

qiime2019.7 in Conda

Hi everyone!

I have been trying to clean my data since I had terrible taxa classification for my 18S samples from extremophile enviroment. My objetive was to identify the OTU IDs and their freccuency for each sample. As in the taxa bar plot you only get the frecuency of a given taxa.

For this I filtered with qiime taxa filter-table

     qiime taxa filter-table 
    --i-table ../../03.ClusteredData/99_table-dn.qza 
    --i-taxonomy taxonomy-without-spaces.qza 
    --p-include D_0__Eukaryota 
     --o-filtered-table filtered_table

later I exported it with qiime tools export and converted It to tsv with biom convert
What I finally obtain It’s a table with that I undertand Its every OTU ID that contains “D_0__Eukaryota” and the frecuency of that OTU in every sample.

My question is the following: Is my strategy correct?, and what does that frecuency exacltly mean?

Hello @jose_gacia,
I responded to this questions on your other question thread. How to enrich my 18S extemophile metagenome. If you have any other questions I will answer them there.

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