Taxa Barplot Visualization Width

Hello All!

I was wondering if there is any way to adjust the width of the taxa barplot created using qiime taxa barplot. It seems that the width of each value on the x axis stays constant, regardless of the number of values on the x axis.

For example, the width for each sample on the barplot created with 100 samples versus 10 samples will be the same. This can be quite visually unappealing if there are many samples, or if there are very few samples (such as if you have collapsed samples by a categorical variable). Is there a way to adjust this? If not, I think this would be a great feature to add to the plot!

Thank you in advance for the help,
Sirtaj Singh :whale2:

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Hey @Sirtaj-Singh!

Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the width of the bars in the taxa bar plots! You can grab the CSV data from the visualization and recreate the barplots in another tool (which doesn’t sound very convenient!)! I have opened up an issue on the the issue tracker to put this feature on our radar! Thanks! :t_rex:

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Fantastic, thank you for the help @thermokarst!

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