Stuck during installation

Dear all,

I'm using Virtual Box in Windows.
I could having use all.
But I accidentally move VB to trash, so was installing again(update also).

Then, I download and unzip latest Qiime2 file, got .ovf and .vmdk without problems.
And I did setup.
Use existing virtual disk > Insert .vmdk file
When it starts, it stops in this state.

I waited and tried again from the download(VB and Qiime2) several times, but I can't go from here.

I am glad if you can advise.

Hi @Shoko_Matsumoto,
Sorry for the delay, most of the moderator team was on winter vacation.

Are you still having issues? If so, could you please share info on your system, including free space + RAM. I wonder if VB is crashing because you have not allocated enough resources to the VM.