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Hi everyone,

A newbie here. After reading the glossary and introductions, I have used virtual box to install qiime2 2020.11 onto my Mac. The goal is to be able to analyze sequenced, demultiplexed, paired end mouse fecal sample data I have received (fast.gsv with a excel/map file). I have these files saved in a folder on my desktop and will want to use the skills from the tutorial to import them soon.

I am trying to start the tutorial "Parkinson's Mouse Tutorial". It's pretty degrading to get stuck on step one, but that's where I am. I used the codes from the tutorial and I've attached an image below of the error that pops up. I downloaded the metadata file and saved it as metadata.tsv in the home and downloads directory. I don't know if that's the right place to save them.

Below is an image with the error that pops up. "metadata file path does not exist". No idea what that means and would appreciate the guidance.

.... also, any idea how to stop the virtual box from logging out if you're not active for a few minutes?

Thank you!

Hi @me_emily,

Welcome to the :qiime2: forum and to the wonderful, sometimes scary :earth_americas: of microbiome analysis.

The error here says that your file isn't in the folder where the data is looking for it. You can check what folder you're in with the command, pwd, and what's in the folder with ls. So, you want to start by making sure your data is in the folder. You may find using the command line wget commands from the tutorial easier (I think you just switch tabs and they're there).

In general, if it says a file doesn't exist and you know it should, check the path. I promise that I make this error at least three times a week on average (if not more often)!

Feel free to come back to us with more questions. We're happy to help.


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