SSL certificate verify failed error when using RESCRIPt, ask for help

Thanks for the development of RESCRIPt, which help us a lot!
Now I am using RESCRIPt to download SILVA 138 and wanting to train my own classifier. But an error appeared on my screen and blocked my way. Please help me.Please!

Welcome to the forum, @messi!
See this long topic for some insight, starting at this post:

The bottom line is that this is probably an operating system or firewall issue on your end, and you should talk to your system administrator or IT support to work around this… we can’t really troubleshoot since this is not related to RESCRIPt or QIIME 2 directly. Please let us know what you find, though — it may help other forum users who encounter this error

If you just want to train your own classifier, note that we have shared the RESCRIPt-processed SILVA files ready for classifier training (and trained classifiers) here:

Good luck!

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