Should I Use QIIME 2?

Hi Matthew,
I am completely new to Bioinformatics, but recently came back from a cruise where I collected plankton samples for population genomics. I am currently extracting DNA and will be looking at 18S to see how the phytoplankton community (with a focus on coccolithophores) changes along the cruise transect. Do you think QIIME 2 will be a helpful tool for that kind of analysis? Thanks in advance!

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Hello Daniela,
I think qiime2 will be useful for your analysis, I used it for ITS analysis to search for Fungi. The results will depend on the database you use. This is a really friendly tool, the tutorials are really good and easy to understand. You can export the information from qiime2 whenever you want and analyse it with R or another program you prefer. So keep going!


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