I have generated a number of shannon_vector.qzv, and for the most part they’re great, but I was wondering if its possible to display all of the data points on the box plots? thank for the help!!


I believe that what you have in the output is the trade-off between the number of samples you want to keep and the amount of features displayed. If you will put there too much of features you will lose some samples and vice versa.

thanks for the fast reply! The output is great, I just want the output to show all the data points, if at all possible,

like the exact same output, but something like this example ......



Oh, now I understood. I would love to know if I can do it in Qiime2 as well. I did it in Python last time outside of the Qiime

Hey, those look like R! As a temporary solution, you could try pulling your data into R with the qiime2R package. A longer term solution might be to look into making a PR to do exactly that! (We could also move this over to Ideas and Suggestions).

Like @timanix, I usually do my own plotting outside of QIIME 2 using seaborn because I like more control than is feasible to provide in QIIME 2. (I can see this spiralling out into discussions of colormaps, styles, etc.) Its a bit more painful for diagnostic plots, but worth it to me for publication figures.



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