Sequencing quality report for demultiplexed sequences

Hi team,

I am working on 16S gut microbiome data. I have received paired-end demultiplexed sequences from the sequencing service provider. I would like to look into the sequence quality before working on dada2. Could you please suggest a pipeline something similar to demux as mentioned in Moving pictures tutorial.

Thank you.

Hi @Mrudhulaks,

Once you import your sequenced into qiime2 using the manifest format for paired-end reads, the rest of the pipeline is similar to what you were following in the Moving pictures tutorial. For example,

qiime demux summarize
–i-data demux.qza
–o-visualization demux.qzv

Will still give you the quality plots you are looking for in this case.

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Thank you for the reply. I have around 75 samples. I have generated qzv file. However, just wondering if can I view the quality of all the sequences in a single graph.

I have figured it out. Thank you so much for the help

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